Sunday, January 25, 2015

Peek at my Week! {January 26th}

And here we are... the last week of January! It amazes me how slowly a week can go by and then when you look back the time has passed so quickly! 

We had a fun-filled week with the 100th day of school! When I was preparing for the 100th day of school, I realized that it was a 5th grader's 1,000th day of being in school since kindergarten. We had a lot of fun working on equations with the number 100 and discussing our behavior in the past 100 days. 

Cannot believe we are on the downhill for days left in school! Here is a peek at my week for WEEK 23!

Have an amazing week! It is already going to start out great with a little extra sleep tomorrow morning. We have a delay, but looking at the's not looking so good right now. 

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