Saturday, December 28, 2013

One week and counting...

Hello, all!

     Phew! This has been a crazy week! With so many family gatherings and meals, it has been one fulfilling week. I cherish every single moment I am able to spend with my family. I absolutely adore my family and extended family. We still have three more gatherings to go to before our celebrations are done for the year. Can you believe it is almost 2014? I surely cannot! (I GRADUATE COLLEGE THIS YEAR--that is a scary thought!) Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy their holidays as much as possible. We are all so busy and the importance of time together is often pushed to the side. We can't get our time together back, but we can hold onto the memories forever!

     Speaking of memories, STUDENT TEACHING STARTS IN ABOUT A WEEK! This experience will forever hold a memory in my heart! I can only hope that this experience will do the same for my little ones in first grade. I know I have always remembered the experience I had with my teachers and also the student teachers that were there along the way.

This is only the beginningthe beginning of my career.  :)

Have a very happy & memorable 2014!

Friday, December 20, 2013

The end of a chapter...

     Phew! This was a rough few weeks. As I made my way through my final classes as an undergraduate elementary education student, I had so many different emotions rushing through me. I was happy I was almost done and sad I was (probably) never going to see my students again at my internship. The impact those students had on me is so indescribable. I walked away feeling like I had been with them forever! I cannot say the days at the beginning all the way up to the end weren't very challenging, but those days do not matter when walking away from a group of fourth graders who started to really get used to you being there. It was as if I became their outlet if they had issues or if they didn't want to bug their teacher. I was there for them--even when they pushed me a little too far sometimes.

     As I walked out of my class and my final "official" classes as a student, I couldn't help but feel like I was experiencing the most abrupt changes I had experienced since I graduated from high school just three and a half short years ago. I know I will be saying something completely different as I graduate college in May, but as of right now, life is different and I am so excited. In 2 short weeks I will be starting my student teaching and I could not be more excited. I cannot wait to document my transition from pre-professional teacher to student teacher to classroom teacher. It will probably be bumpy, emotional, and stressful, but I am so excited and enthusiastic about the years to come!

My journey begins right here!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hello! My name is Miss Newell.

I am so excited to have this blog up and running! Hopefully this can be put to great use sooner than later! 

Let the learning begin!