Sunday, January 11, 2015

Peek at my Week! {January 12th}

Well, here goes another week! After two days off on Thursday and Friday for snow and extremely cold temperatures, we are crossing our fingers for a full week in school! 

I have been hard at work over our long weekend taking my lesson plans from drab to FAB! When I was working in the primary grades, I was so in love with Kicking it in Kindergarten's interactive/visual lesson plans. It was something I had only dreamed of having. Fast forward a year and I now have all my plans retyped in this beautiful new format. With the snow days, I moved my plans around and I then I moved them around AGAIN. I am so OCD that I had to print and then reprint my plans for my binder. 

I love the way this has turned out. My heart is happy seeing everything organized. Here's a peek at my changes from last week and this week:

We have a LOT to accomplish this week! Between ACUITY B testing and our STAR reading test, we are full-steam ahead during semester 2.

How is your week looking?


  1. Would you mind sharing your lesson plan template? My email address is

    The are F.A.B.!!!

  2. Yes, of course! I am so glad you like it! :)