Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year's Resolution happening.......NOW!

Since I haven't said it quite yet and I am almost exactly 10 days late...

My resolution this year is to begin serious (but still beginner) teacher blogging. Now, I know I have already written a handful of posts before, but this is serious-stick-to-my-guns-I-will-blog-more-often type of teacher blogging. I have such a great time creating and sharing resources/ideas and this blog is an even more unique environment because I am a brand new teacher fresh out of college last year. With that said, I am not an expert AT ALL. I am not yet an expert at teaching, nor am I an expert blogger. I am testing the waters and seeing how this whole blogging adventure goes. (I'm thinking it is going to be pretty great!) I am simply an imperfect perfectionist that loves laughing and enjoying each moment with my students and team members. 

All aboard the oh-so fabulous journey of 5th grade!

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